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Duke Marketing, LLC, established in 1989 and celebrating 25 years in business, is a California-based full service marketing communications agency specializing with multi-location and franchise organizations. Duke Marketing combines a full range of services, including: thought-leadership, local store marketing, public relations, consumer promotions and cause marketing, franchise communications, market-by-market planning, creative development, advertising and media buying with on-target strategies, fresh ideas and creative concepts to offer complete solutions.

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Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing
Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing
Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing

As one of the toughest businesses to manage in any economy, marketing the restaurant business has become increasingly difficult with all of the various forms of advertising and media popping up everyday. Restaurant brands are rethinking the opportunity for visual engagement, merchandising, and visual content marketing. Visuals such as photos and video cross cultural barriers and are instantly relatable. It is thinking about words being made into visual communications such as digital menu boards which are being incorporated into many restaurant brands.


Creative communicators are rethinking their traditional marketing tactics. Mass Markets are the thing of the 60's, and firms now days should no longer approach the old strategy of targeting broad market segments and using mass mediato communicate its product. Markets should now take advantage of the advanced communication technologies that we now have access to. This allows us to have direct interaction with customers, do data collections and mining about potential customers, and it give the customer exactly the kind of product or service they want. Today, smart restaurant marketers focus on building relationships. Traditional marketing in the past aimed to push products or services, while the new customer cultivating marketing aims at serving customers and customer segments.


Understanding one's target market is always essential and now there are multiple channels to communicate to those targets. Duke Marketing specializes in organizing and executing marketing plans that reach your target audience and help promote your brand quickly and efficiently. We will work with your brand to ensure you develop a locally relevant presence and a competitive strategy that will not only build brand awareness but bring customers to your restaurant.

What are the most successful restaurant brands doing to make money?  They have all built customer demand and loyalty.  Restaurant Marketing IS the restaurant business today.  Introducing new products and selling to consumers is what marketing people do.  Restaurant Marketing Magazine is a timely resource for restaurant executives from all types of restaurants (fine dining to food service at retail) with stories about their own challenges, successes and behind-the-scenes look at how restaurant brands are made.


This quarterly publication is intended to educate, entertain and provide ideas and case studies from restaurant brands and those companies and products involved in the restaurant and food industry.  Some strategic articles and some fun how-to articles will provide both senior level and management level readers with valuable content.  Restaurant Marketing Magazine promises to take a look behind the curtain at what top restaurant marketers are doing to generate sales today, the challenges and successes they are faced with, and lessons learned. The Faces & Places section of each issue will offer photos and social news exclusively for and about restaurant marketing professionals.

Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

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Local Store and Restaurant Marketing - Duke Marketing

 To view tips, ideas, and stories of success, check out Duke Marketing's quarterly, in-depth and online restaurant marketing magazine.

Restaurant Marketing Magazine - Duke Marketing

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